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Film Adaptation for Novel Writers and Memoirists

How to write a screenplay from your own novel (or memoir)

By  Michael Barmish

You believe that your novel or memoir would make a fantastic film and you want to write the screenplay adaptation. That’s great! And, of course, who better than you, as the novel’s author or memoirist, to write that adaptation?

To achieve this, you will need to forget all the rules of novel or memoir writing and become a screenwriter. To think as a screenwriter is to leverage the power of images to best tell your story.

In this guide, we will explain the differences between writing a book and writing a screenplay, from a style and technical standpoint as well as a story point of view.

It also contains guidelines on how to transform a literary text into a visual medium in order to condense an average of a 15-20 hour reading story into a 2-hour reading script.

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By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Understand how to write with the framework of visual storytelling
  • Assess which material from your book you should keep when developing your screenplay
  • Embrace your new job of screenwriter
  • Learn how to properly format a screenplay


  • The audience
  • The format
  • The style
  • Scene heading and action paragraph
  • Scene and Sequence
  • Dialogue
  • Write what we see not what your characters think
  • Making sacrifices
  • Using text from your book
  • Elements to consider before writing your script

10 reviews for Film Adaptation for Novel Writers and Memoirists

  1. Emanuel V. Farrugia (verified owner)

    Concise, straight to the point and explanatory.

  2. Ramon Esperzza (verified owner)

    Practical, step-by-step information on turning a novel into a script

  3. storykoster (verified owner)

    This is the “Cliff Notes” to film adaptation. That must know information.

  4. Maciej Kurtys (verified owner)

    Very Good guide overall.

  5. ERIC PAYRAL (verified owner)

  6. vincent p. (verified owner)

    I learned a great deal

  7. Carol Vanrisky (verified owner)

    Just need now to find the right time and the energy to dive into my story again for writing a script! But I will. Thansk.Very useful book

  8. COLOMBANI ELENA (verified owner)

  9. JNiland (verified owner)

    Interesting and very informative from a technical point of view.

  10. C. Burke (verified owner)

    Very useful tips on how to get started – Thanks

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