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Learning 3-Act Structure elements from Watching Films

 For Screenwriters who write intuitively!

By  Neil Fallon

Have you ever noticed, when you are watching a movie, how your emotions vary as the story unfolds? How you’re immediately hooked in the first few minutes of a film? Or maybe disappointed? You often wonder what’s going to happen to the characters–a feeling that’s innate. And while you may not be able to consciously analyze all the writing techniques while you’re watching the film, it doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

In this guide, we will take a very original approach in teaching you the elements that compose the 3-Act Structure of most screenplays. We will use the emotions that you experience when watching movies and apply a sort of ”reverse engineering” to understand the process and techniques used by the screenwriters to create those emotions.

This guide is dedicated to screenwriters who write intuitively; those who desire to learn more in-depth writing techniques to structure their scripts without compromising their inherent creativity. By leveraging knowledge built over time by watching hundreds of movies, screenwriters can create a significant advantage for themselves when it comes to writing their own script.

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By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Utilize film-watching for a practical lesson in developing the 3-act structure
  • Learn character development by noting key benchmarks throughout a film
  • Identify act breaks by following patterns in movies
  • Incorporate a more intuitive style of learning into your screenwriting methodology


  • Let’s take a look at the first 15 minutes of a film
  • The beginning of ACT 2
  • Act 2 is where the story develops in greater detail
  • The heart of the movie
  • The midpoint halfway
  • Key elements to watch for during the last half hour of the movie

5 reviews for Learning 3-Act Structure elements from Watching Films

  1. JFarrell (verified owner)

    I will be using a lot of these tips explained in this guide.

  2. Lee Zahvi (verified owner)

  3. Fran Monsk (verified owner)

    Great Tips Very original approach…

  4. Judith Birsh (verified owner)

    So new! well done

  5. B MCNAMARA (verified owner)

    really liked the concept of this book – I won’t watch films the same way now

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