The Scoring Chain

A Guide to Film Scoring for Filmmakers

By Sebastian Oswald

Film scoring often still appears to be a mysterious black hole to many filmmakers. How do you find the right composer for the job? How do you guide them to find the right music for the respective project? How do you even know what you want and then figure out how to articulate it?

In this book, we will present a novel approach known as the “Scoring Chain”, a comprehensive guide to the basic questions regarding the process of film scoring, from finding the right composer to delivering the final product.

The “Scoring Chain” is a collection of experience-based methods that have been proven to work successfully. It is designed for any director or producer looking for a music composer.

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By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Discover the tools necessary to find the right composer for your project
  • Understand ways to save time and money when developing a score
  • Develop a methodology when working with a film composer for the first time
  • Define a frame of collaboration to make sure you get the best music score for your production


  • Finding the Right Composer
  • One and Two Make Free
  • Creating a Strategy for the Music
  • Writing Themes and Motifs
  • Spotting Sessions
  • Filling in the Gaps
  • Post Production
  • The Final Score


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