Spec Script vs Shooting Script

The difference between a Spec Script and a Shooting Script

By Michael Barmish

Because so many scripts are available to download on the web, there is lots of confusion between what is a spec script and what is a shooting script.

Most screenplays on these sites are, in fact, shooting scripts that contain many of the elements you would never see in a spec script. Many aspiring writers use these scripts as a reference and can be steered in the wrong direction when submitting their own scripts to producers. While they both refer to the same story, the spec and shooting scripts serve different purposes as they correspond to different stages of the film production cycle.

This guide covers the differences between a Spec script and a Shooting Script.

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By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Know what belongs in a shooting script that doesn’t in a spec script
  • Establish who your audience is when writing a spec script
  • Identify elements in a shooting script
  • Learn how not to be considered a novice when submitting a spec script


  • Writing for your audience
  • How to write the spec script
  • The format of a spec script
  • Keys to the spec script
  • What does a shooting script look like?
  • Elements of the shooting script

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    Don’t even think about handing a producer your script until you read this guide! Skip the sandwich and buy the book.

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    I heard about scripts been rejected, now I understand

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    Any idea where I could find a producer now?

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