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Narrative elements to engage your audience

By Neil Fallon

The art of storytelling is to hook your audience from the beginning until the end.  And yes beyond the 3-Act structure, there are many narrative elements which make your story more engaging to your audience. These elements will make your audience become more emotionally involved in the development of your story and characters. Creating expectations or dread and constantly navigating from hope to fear allows a viewer to experience a wide range of emotions.

While there are some subjects more interesting than others, characters more intriguing than others – although it’s a matter of taste and personal interest – what makes a story a great one to read, to watch, comes from the way the story unfolds, the way the plot and characters are revealed to us, the audience.

How to create your plot without revealing too much but enough to constantly hook your audience is the heart of storytelling. And your skill as a screenwriter is to combine and deliver all these narrative elements, to make an engaging story for your audience.

Whether you are stuck on developing your plot or need to refer to storytelling characteristics as a guideline, this storytelling guide will examine all the narrative elements that you should use to transform your story into one that is captivating to tell.


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By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Measure how taking your audience into account is essential when you write.
  • Appreciate the narrative elements that keep your audience emotionally engaged.
  • Identify different variables that contribute to moving your story forward.
  • Combine all the narrative elements to create variety in your storytelling style.


  • The Plot
  • The Audience
  • Tools or Techniques to Use When It Comes to Revealing or Not Revealing Elements of Your Story to the Audience.
  • Elements of the Future
  • The Surprise Moment

Even the most fascinating stories on paper can be boring if they are not told in an engaging way.

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