Who’s Who On The Set: Above-the-line

Jobs and qualities required

By Michael Barmish

You’re looking to start a career in film production. That’s great. There are a fantastic variety of jobs for all types of personalities, whether you prefer working on set or behind your computer writing stories, editing the film, organising, planning the production or even juggling numbers.

In this collection of 4 guides, we will explain who these key players are, what are their job responsibilities and most importantly what are the main qualities required to best fit that position. Use these titles to help you decide in which film department you’d like to study.

In this section we will focus on Above-the-line jobs; those involved in the creative direction of the project: producers, directors, screenwriters and actors.


By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Learn what the “Above-the-line” roles are in a production
  • Identify the difference between an executive producer and a producer
  • Discover the key qualities to become a successful director
  • Analyse the importance of going to film school to become a screenwriter


  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Actors


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