Putting together a list of Agents and Talent Manager

There are several sources, including the WGA, that publish lists of agents and managers with links to their websites. It may be time-consuming, but it’s worth going to the agent or manager’s website to see if they specialize in certain writing genres (especially managers as they often produce their writers’ screenplays) and if they are open to receiving query letters.

Some, especially management companies, list their clients so you can see who the writers are that they represent.

Having too many writers that fit your writing style may or may not be a good thing. They may like the types of scripts you write, but do they need another similar writer? Also, many big companies will not accept unsolicited query letters as they only take on new clients by word of mouth, noting this on their website.

Finally, It’s important to remember this is a long process. Cold calling agencies and management companies will take some time. It’s the hardest way to get noticed. So, build those all-important contacts in the industry as you go. If you’re not in the major entertainment centers, go to festivals, enter contests and join groups and organizations, take a film class, check out online groups on Meetup, Facebook, and Stage 32. Many cities have film offices. Get to know the people there and find the opportunities to get involved with local productions as well as bigger productions that may come to town to shoot a film or series.

As you go through your list, a major consideration is whether you should target a large or smaller “boutique” agency. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Larger Agencies and Management Companies

With the larger agencies and management companies, you will be a small fish in a big pond. So while it will be impressive to have the weight of a major firm represent you, you may not get the opportunities that a smaller company will have to offer.

Likewise, while you may receive more attention at a boutique agency or management company, the agency itself may not have the cache to get noticed as easily as a large company. But that may make the agent or manager more hungry, not only to get your attention but to get him/her noticed as well. Remember, as they move up the ladder, so do you.